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Costco is giving shareholders a special payment (COST)

26 Apr 2017 14:52:00

Filed under: Finance, Business, NewsCostco shareholders are getting a special treat on May 26.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


LuLaRoe is refunding everyone for pants that 'rip like wet toilet paper'

26 Apr 2017 14:43:00

Filed under: Finance, Business, CompaniesLuLaRoe is launching a massive refund program in response to customer complaints that the company's leggings "rip like wet toilet paper" and develop holes after as little as a few hours of wear.'I don't feel we have much to apologize for'How LuLaRoe worksHow to get a refundApplies only to purchases of defective merchandise made between January 1, 2016 and April 24, 2017.Customers can apply for a replacement, gift card, or cash refund by contacting the retailer who sold them the product. If that retailer refuses to help them, they can contact LuLaRoe through its "Make Good" website, and the company will connect them with another retailer who can process their claim.Customers can also apply for a refund in the form of a personal check or a LuLaRoe gift card by making a claim directly to LuLaRoe on its "Make Good" website.Claims must be made no later than July 31, 2017.Applies to purchases made on or after April 25, 2017.Within 30 days of purchase, customers can return products for any reason to the retailer they purchased from to receive a full refund, credit, or exchange.Within 90 days of purchase, customers can return products for any reason to any retailer to receive a credit or exchange.Customers can also apply for a refund in the form of a personal check or a LuLaRoe gift card by making a claim directly to LuLaRoe on its "Happiness Policy" website.If a product has a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, customers may be entitled to a return any time under the company's new limited warranty. The limited warranty applies to items purchased after April 24, 2017.Customers will not be charged for return shipping.Starbucks is entering a new era — and 4 jokes reveal the biggest problems haunting its businessSubway closed hundreds of locations last year for the first time in its historyWalmart is crushing Kroger and making food historyRead more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Ball of 40 snakes found dumped in Wal-Mart parking lot

26 Apr 2017 14:42:00

Filed under: News, Animals, Science & TechA terrifying ball of reptiles left shoppers at an Arkansas Wal-Mart horrified over the weekend, police say.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Erin Moran's husband speaks about her final days: I fell asleep holding her hand, when I woke up she was gone

26 Apr 2017 14:31:00

Filed under: Entertainment, Celebrity, DeathsThe distraught widower of Erin Moran has described the moment the Happy Days actress took her last breaths while clutching her husband's hand in a touching open letter he penned Tuesday.RELATED: Stars that died in 2016:Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


FCC chairman to propose reversing 'net neutrality' rules

26 Apr 2017 14:27:00

Filed under: News, Politics, PolicyWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is proposing to overturn the landmark 2015 Obama-era net neutrality rules, setting off a fight over the future of the internet, according to an FCC official.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Joanna Gaines addresses rumors she's leaving 'Fixer Upper' for beauty industry

26 Apr 2017 14:25:00

Filed under: Entertainment, TV, TV NewsJoanna Gaines isn't going anywhere!Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


High school student finds repulsive surprise in school lunch

26 Apr 2017 14:24:00

Filed under: News, US, Weird NewsHUGHESVILLE (WNEP) -- A high school student in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, found an unwelcome guest in his cafeteria lunch Monday afternoon.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Aaron Hernandez and rumored 'prison lover' knew each other before prison, says lawyer

26 Apr 2017 14:23:00

Filed under: News, Sports, NewsThe lawyer for Kyle Kennedy, an inmate for whom Aaron Hernandez reportedly left a note before his suicide last week, revealed new details about his client's relationship with Hernandez on Wednesday, claiming the two knew each other before prison.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Man comes across terrifying massive lobster while diving

26 Apr 2017 14:03:00

Filed under: News, Animals, Science & TechDiving for lobster can sometimes be a terrifying task as it is, but one diver got the fright of his life recently.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


White House summary: Trump proposes 15 percent business tax rate

26 Apr 2017 13:57:00

Filed under: News, Politics, White HouseWASHINGTON, April 26 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday proposed slashing tax rates for businesses and on overseas corporate profits returned to the country in a plan greeted as an opening gambit by his fellow Republicans in Congress.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments

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