Leach Realty has developed some of the most effective marketing plans for Alamance County rental homes. We keep our prospective tenant funnels full, including referrals from existing tenants. However, all of that is of no value if the wrong tenant ends up in your home. From non–payment of rent to damages and premature vacancy, there are a number of very costly problems that can result from lax tenant screening and acceptance procedures.

Leach Realty will handle every facet of non–desirable tenant removal for you, but our goal is to never have a need to do so. Avoidance through exhaustive tenant screening and selection procedures is how we keep our homeowners happy and profitable as rental property owners.

Initial Phone Interview  
Some prospective tenants will contact us via email or with a form on your home’s web page at our site. Others will call us. Prior to an office visit and application processing, we’ll normally have a conversation on the telephone. It will not be detailed, but we begin the tenant screening process with this conversation. We ask questions that help us to legally determine if they’re a possible candidate for a more exhaustive screening process. Some never get past this phone call simply because our questions determine that they’re not suitable for financial or other reasons.

Rental Property Tenant Application  
We facilitate the tenant application process with our online application form, as this makes it more convenient and retains more prospective tenant applicants early in the process. Whether they use the online form or come into our office to fill one out, we have developed a very thorough application to ferret out any potential problems and filter out potentially problematic tenants.

Credit and Reference Checks  
The information on the tenant application is extensive, as Leach Realty uses it to check not only the prospective tenant’s credit history, but also their past rental history and rent payment habits. We call past landlords and personal references. Family information is recorded in case we need to locate tenants after move–out.

Final Pre-Lease Interview  
Once all of the above tenant screening procedures are completed, a final meeting in our office is used to clear up any open questions or ambiguous information prior to execution of the lease.

A process this thorough does take a little time, however we’ve found that this level of scrutiny provides a great return on our investment of time and staff involvement. Our homeowner clients experience some of the lowest vacancy, credit loss, and tenant damage rates in the Alamance County rental property markets.


Attention to detail in handling tenant move–in and move–out from our real estate rental properties is for the benefit of both owners and tenants. Misunderstandings are avoided by following our well–defined procedures.

1.    Tenants can move in on the first date in their lease, stated to be move–in date.

2.    Prior to actually moving in furniture, a walk–through must be done with our management to fill out the move–in/move–out property condition checklist.

o   Note any property maintenance problems you see during this walk–through.

o   The same form will be used at move–out to note any damage that isn’t considered “normal wear and tear,” so noting everything you see at move–in is best.

3.    To receive a deposit refund according to the terms of the lease, the tenant must live the property in the same conditions received. This documents any problems that could result in partial or full forfeiture of deposit.

4.    Tenants must have all personal items out of the property and off the premises by the end of the last day of the lease. Any personal items left in the property will be disposed of by management as they see fit. There could be charges against deposits if there is a cost involved in disposal.

Please read your lease carefully, as the lease document is the binding process for move–in and move–out, and there could be new procedures not shown here.



Happy tenants make our day! Rental homes don’t stay occupied if we don’t do a great job for our tenant customers. They’re every bit as important as the property owners, and we prove it.

  • Proper care and maintenance of the property.
  • Sensible, non–intrusive occupancy rules for enjoyment and security.
  • Easy rental payment procedures.

Your home shouldn’t be any less of a home just because you’re renting. Leach Realty wants you to be happy in your home, and we’ll prove it!

By making both our owners and tenants happy, Leach Realty has become a major provider of Burlington, Elon, Gibsonville, Graham, Mebane and Haw River real estate property rental management services.


Leach Realty wants to make payment of your property rent as convenient as possible. We all have enough hassles in our daily home and work lives, so we want to help you to get your rent paid with minimal hassle.

Rents are due by the first day of each month and are late as of the 5th of the month. The penalty for late rent is 5% of the monthly rent to be included with any rent not in our possession as of the 5th.

There is more than one way to pay your rent:

  • mail a cheque or money order to our address below (please mail at least three days before end of previous month)
  • a cheque or money order to our office drop box, please carry in by the 5th

We want you to enjoy your free time, and we’re making it as easy as possible to pay your property rent.

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